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Handling Data protection regulation and consumer law requirements

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On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations came into force and basically obliged all processors or controllers of data of EU citizens to comply with this set of regulations. Although we should assume that most businesses have performed gap analyses and determined whether they are in scope or not we still notice that many groups have not properly updated their privacy policies, determined whether they need to appoint a register a Data Protection Officer, appointed a local representative, drafted a register of data processing and so forth. Companies in the US and other places outside the EU are also in scope of the GDPR to the extent they are engaging with individuals in Europe.

First European’s privacy specialists can assist your group’s legal and/or privacy team or even your external counsel in taking the necessary steps to full compliance with the European data protection regulations.

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We can assist your group’s legal and/or privacy team to full compliance with the EU data
protection regulations

Handling Data protection regulation

Dutch operations Start-up package
  • 1. Assistance with GDPR compliance

    In case data of EU citizens will be processed and/or controlled then the GDPR is applicable. Some minimun rquirements should have been met by 25 May 2018.

    Within one year aiming for full compliance and year-round maintenance

    First European Data Rep, in-house counsel and privacy lawyer.

  • 2. Filing the annual corporate income tax return

    DutchCo will have to file an annual corporate income tax return with the Dutch tax authorites. This tax return is based on the approved financial statements.


    Dutch tax advisory firm

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