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Maximize VAT recovery and improve cash flow

VAT compliance, tax representation, and outsourcing services

For non-European companies doing business in Europe, the European VAT can be challenging to understand and implement.

VAT should not result in a cost when doing business. However, in order to avoid that, it’s important to manage compliance regulations and the cash flow effects too, since VAT may not always be recovered quickly.

First European can assist your business, whether you are already operating in Europe or just thinking about expanding into the EU.

First European Hub
Our operating procedures will enable
maximization of:

  • VAT recovery
  • Cash flow
  • Avoidance of penalties for non-compliance.

How to get started with VAT compliance
  • Step 1. VAT Compliance Services

    filing VAT and MOSS returns
    Recording and declaring intra-Community transactions to other EU countries (ICT declaration)
    Intra-stat declarations
    VAT and customs advisory services
    Contacts with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration/Statistics Netherlands
    Registration of tax representative
    License applications

  • Step 2. Dutch Tax Representation

    Tax representation has been enshrined in the law since 1992. First European can fulfill this role. In the situations mentioned below foreign traders are obliged to appoint a Dutch tax representative.

    Import of items subject to the reverse charge mechanism
    Transactions involving excisable goods in an excise warehouse
    Storage of products in a VAT bonded warehouse
    Distance sales in The Netherlands by a non-EU business

  • Step 3. Interim VAT Services

    We provide interim VAT services where an indirect tax specialist will be working at your office(s) internally for an agreed fixed term.

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