Sylvan December 21, 2021

Have you made your year-end review?

2021 is almost over, and we keep living under the implications of COVID. It seems odd to keep talking about it after almost two years of this crazy pandemic, but still, here we are, cruising yet another wave that is hitting hard on some parts of the world.

Back in 2020, we did our best to adapt to new challenges: trying to work from home, having online meetings with the team and clients, deciding what strategies were better for our business, among other things. But then, was there any business that did not experience the same?

  • Have you made your year-end review?

2021 found us in a more comfortable environment and it was a great year for First European; a year of achievements that made (and still make) us extremely proud, and these are some of those highlights:

  • We added two new members to our growing team!
  • We continued to support different initiatives that we strongly believe in, such as Artis, our local zoo, where we adopted a sea lion; and we also sponsored Generation Next, a project that gives amazing opportunities to future generations.
  • We outsourced one of our team members to one of the largest data centers in the world to assist with their VAT compliance program.
  • We participated in several great webinars like SVB’s Grow Global and WTS’s EU VAT e-commerce Package Webinar.  
  • We assisted multiple platforms with the set up of EEA revenue collection hubs, engineering hubs, and EU headquarters.
  • Four of our clients went public on NASDAQ and NYSE, with an aggregated market cap of approximately USD 24B.
  • Two of our clients were granted payment institution licenses in the Netherlands.
  • We have set up local payroll administrations in 6 EU countries.
  • In general, our clients recruited over 40 full-time employees for roles such as software engineers, business development managers, and safety and compliance experts.
  • We successfully assisted with multiple payroll implementations of Restricted Stock Unit Plans and Employee Stock Purchase Plans.

We believe it is important to look back on all the experiences this year brought in order to make plans and be ready for new events and challenges. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? We are looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for us but in the meantime, we will be hard at work to close off this successful year!

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the process of starting and developing a business by using a lot of effort and no investment by outside owners