Future generations, a subject that we keep betting on. And why wouldn´t we? They should feel safe in the place they live in, their interests must be safeguarded and they need to know that we care about them and what they want. We believe in them and this time we decided to sponsor a great project called Generation Next.

Generation Next aims to provide a new and different platform for students at secondary school: an education led by art in all its forms so they can represent and, therefore, express what they expect for the future, their future.

This initiative allows young people to communicate through art and, at the same time, reaches important personalities in their town: policymakers, the city´s administration, project developers, and citizens. And, what´s the good in this? Well, are we paying attention to their interests, needs, and expectations?  They are here, and they may have innovative ideas about the city they live in.

For this year´s exhibition, approximately 50 young people from the Bijlmer Open School Community showcased their vision for the Southeast area of Amsterdam at three different cultural institutions in the city. The final pieces were the result of a 12-week effort in which they were able to take master classes and lectures at Smibanese University. Different guests such as Raquel van Haver, Wouter Pocornie, Farida Sedoc, and Gilleam Trapenberg were part of these workshops. They also served as inspiration for the students’ projects.

At First European, we are proud to support this kind of initiative; they give opportunities to the youth and are also a means to help our community thrive.

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